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Teyonah Parris In Talks To Star In ‘Buffalo Soldier Girl’ For Filmmaker Christine Swanson – from

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Movies That Make Us Really Like Tom Hanks

Whether it’s scenes of Captain John H. Miller dodging crossfire on the beaches of Normandy or Chuck Noland talking to a volleyball named Wilson, these are rarely identified as strong film […] Read More »

Be a Hero: Conquer the World like an Alpha Babe

You’ve heard of the alpha male… Luckily for the world there is a feminine counterpart, the alpha babe. They are not limited by their access to wealth, educational background, age, […] Read More »

Television Women who Inspired a Generation

If you ask any professional, working mom in her 40s what character on Television inspired her, their answer is likely to be Clair Huxtable of The Cosby Show. Both Clair and […] Read More »


Fearless Female Friday: Julia Child

American Chef, author and television personality Julia Child is this week’s fearless female. She made mastering the art of cooking, teaching cooking basics and life-long learning her focus. She entertains […] Read More »



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